Up until now,

skateboard sizes are measured by deck width. The small sizes are considered childrens sizes. This way of thinking leads to Kids boards that are narrow and often much too long.

new and different approach

The new Inpeddo Short & Wide kids skateboards are developed to fit the kids anatomy between 5 and 10 years old. In reality a narrow board deos’nt help the kid at all. It’s the wheebase that matters!

Short !

Short legs need short wheelbases for proper board control.

Wide !

Wide boards provide stable stance and good lean control.

Done Right!

You cannot simply make skateboards smaller. It takes expert skills to get the deck dimensions right. Often you see kids boards with short nose and tail wich makes it impossible to learn the Ollie. It takes a special kids mold with adjusted kickangles.

Decks and Completes

Short & Wide Kids Skateboards are available as decks and of corse also as completes.

4 carefully developed sizes

8.00″ = length: 28.50″ – wb: 12″
7.75″ = length: 28.25″ – wb: 11.75″
7.50″ = length: 28.00″ – wb: 11.5″
7.25″ = length: 28.00″ – wb: 11.5″

All sizes = nose: 6.3″ – tail: 6″